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Naz Işıksoy

Naz Işıksoy



Naz Işıksoy was born in Bursa in 1995. In 2013, she received basic art education in a painting and art workshop in Bursa, Turkey. In 2019, she graduated from Bilgi University Applied Sciences Fashion Design Department with an honor certificate.
Naz deals with productions in the fields of painting, digital manipulation, decoration, fashion design and sculpture installation. She is often inspired by paranormal, existential and psychoanalysis in her works: under these theories, she emphasizes that while creating deformations of the ego and the ego of the environment, it provides questioning of the distinction between reality and abstract concepts. Naz is a multi-disciplinary artist: she adapts the theory of design and texture she has been trained in, in works on digital, canvas, wood and various alternative bases. She argues that being free, unlimited and uncontrolled in the selection of the materials used enables individualization while creating the character language.

As we dilute the paint, we return to the essence of the color or maybe even move away. This is what a person is, as they rob, their personas and other selves come out. Each self and character is just a reflection or a part of what we see. Other identities lurk in the depths. The main theories I have covered are: self, id, reaction formation, defense mechanism, personality disorder, psychotic states, birth. In short, the life force that includes psychoanalysis theory and mysticism.
It is impossible for a person to live without self-existence. It has to show at least one, otherwise we face inexperienced death. When I was producing these one-dimensional works, there was an insistence on bringing these ideas to a more concrete and double dimension, because I wanted to make more sound rather than just painting. For this reason, I wanted to bring the functional factor into play, and I warmed to the idea of branding. This is exactly the starting point of the 'Naz Işıksoy' brand: bringing my art and concern, which is my mission and my life, from me, to the outside world, providing this transportation with certain categories increases diversity; canvas, decoration, design, accessories, textiles and fashion.


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