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Marie-Ghislaine Beaucé
Handicraft Artist

Marie-Ghislaine Beaucé

Handicraft Artist


"My name is Marie-Ghislaine Beaucé. Since 2015, I have been creating works of abstract art using luxury textiles and employing various techniques - such as weaving and layering - as well as incorporating knitted and crochet elements to add varied textures to the pieces."

Marie-Ghislaine, a French artist currently living in London, has been interested in textile fibers since childhood, learning the ancient art of sewing from her mother; at 12 years old her ambition was to become a fashion designer. At the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Nantes, she experimented with weaving various materials such as hemp, 8mm film, ribbons cut from fabric, and painted cardboard tubes. She has worked for more than twenty years as an interior design consultant, advising clients, designing and creating soft furnishings in apartments, houses and yachts for various private clients; she has worked in Chelsea, Luxembourg, Boston, Barcelona and London. Marie-Ghislaine has also designed and sewn numerous stage costumes for La Sylvaine Ballet School shows in important theatres, such as the Britten Theater and the Bloomsbury Theatre. Since 2015 she has been active as a textile artist; designs and manufactures panels in which textile fibers, different in texture, color and material, intertwine with each other, creating an abstract and geometric lattice. Through this structural design, the artist creates and examines a large, mysterious space, far from reality, which can only be represented through abstraction and marked by the slow succession of layers of fabric. In her works, Marie-Ghislaine uses different textile fibers, playing on the contrasts between different colors and textures, passing from the sheen of silk to the rough texture of crochet, from the two-dimensionality of fabrics to the three-dimensionality of padded cotton tubes, making her panels a hybrid, halfway between patchwork and plasticism. Since 2015 she has participated in many exhibitions, not only as an exhibiting member at The Hampstead School of Art and Phoenix Contemporary Textile Group, of which she is a part, but also as an independent artist; between the places where he exhibited London and Madrid.


2023 - Fuori E-vento, MADS Gallery.
2023 - Interferences, MADS Gallery.
2022 - Santana Art Gallery, Madrid.
2021 - "SeenUnseen" in Walton - on - Thames.
2018 - Central St-Giles, London.
2018 - Atrium Gallery, Hampstead Town Hall.
2018 - "Collections" in Walton - on - Thames.
2015 - Summer exhibition with the Hampstead School of Art.


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