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Infinite Possibilities
Elisa Chana Cecchetti

Infinite Possibilities



Title: Infinite Possibilities
Year: 2021
Size: 90 x 120 cm
Technique: Oil on wood, wet on wet technique

Art opens minds, why we want to close it through walls?

My work wants to give something to people. It is inspired by the most attractive things: human’s stories and feelings. It’s freedom, knowledge of human soul, loss and fulfillment of life.
From when I was a child I understood to be “special”, with the biggest talent to surf always the opposite wave. My story is full of pain and pure joy which brought me from when I was 12 yo to think about who I was, which were my values and what I was believing in. I experimented everything: the struggle to see myself inside a conformist world, the loneliness,to feel that nobody could understand me, to feel wrong, the death.
Only if you touch the ground then you can see the sky above you.
I’ve seen the underworld in my childhood, already, that’s why I can see only the top now. I live my life deeply, without being afraid to fail, I take the risk and jump.
Life is a shot, we don’t know until when we will be in this world, so why should we live it passively? We have to drink it all until the last tearndrop; it’s the most precious things we have and we have to cele-brate it everyday. And I want to spread its colors to the world as much as I can.
This is Infinite Possibilities.
All those doors open, and more the ones closed, all the no I received, the sacrifices and offerings I did to achieve the life I love and that I cultivate every single day.
“Tomorrow there is no certainly” but today, yes.
Infinite Possibilities, those that flow and run away quickly. And I, quicker, I try to grab them all without fear of failure or what people might think.

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