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Elisa Chana Cecchetti

Elisa Chana Cecchetti



Born in 1993, she is an Italian licensed architect, graduated cum laude in Architecture at Sapienza Uni-versity of Rome. During the University studies, she took part with Team Sapienza in Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018. After her Master degree with a thesis focused on on the redesign of Accumoli’s terri-tory (Regione Lazio, IT) post earthquake 2016, in August 2018 she won a competition which brought her in Tokyo, where she is currently working as interior designer and painter.

Architecture and Art
Interested in drawing and colors from when she was a child Elisa discovered the oil painting at the age of 17yo. Starting from the reproduction of impressionism canvas, she moved to abstract paintings after an important loss, but keeping an impressionist approach and experimenting art on different materials, mainly recycled.
In 2019 she founded the InMedium Impressionism, a new kind of Art centered on the other person’s emotions and experience. “InMedium” means to be the tool by which to transport someone else’s feel-ings an history into a painting, to stop them in an infinte time, “Impressionism” because of the use of its techniques with a modern approach.
From 2015 she started to exhibit her paintings in bars and cafes’ in Italy and she kept on doing it in To-kyo. Her latest exhibitions: Independent Tokyo 2020, two solo exhibitions in 1OAK Tokyo Azabujuban (October-November 2020) with a live painting session and MADS Milan (June 2021). She has been also selected to take part in one of the biggest art events in Japan, the International Art Fair in Tokyo (October 2021).
Her proactive behaviour, curiosity and her several interests always bring her to look for and develop new solutions focused on recycling materials and which can combine architecture and art.


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