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Tapeworms (celestial)
Niki Tse

Tapeworms (celestial)



Tapeworms (celestial), 2021, fine pen and pencil on paper layered over digital monitor, 51 x 64 cm What Romantica - Shape of My Art means to me As cliche as this will all sound, one constant thing that I am, and can be sure of no matter what - is creating something. I can be sure that if I (or anyone, really) pick up a pencil and put pressure on any surface, it would leave a mark - quite a lame mark at that, but still something that I created out of something seemingly insignificant. In these trying times, feelings of uncertainty are particularly prominent at the backs of our heads, and one certain thing that got me through was making art — that is what the theme of this exhibition means to me. I indulged in drawing - just trying to make something, anything using whatever I had on hand - and tried to stop thinking about planning and the considerations of technicalities. I tried to just exist in the moment and find small joys in the scratchy texture my pencil leaves behind, going with the flow and seeing where an artwork takes me. Artist: Niki Tse

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