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Be you, just you - YOU ROCK!
Jenny Lennhammar

Be you, just you - YOU ROCK!



In the exhibition GAIA- the origin, Jenny Lennhammar is represented by the artwork "Be you, just you- YOU ROCK!". We all come from the same origin, our mother earth - our GAIA, but we grow up with different conditions to take part in what life has to offer. “Be you, just you- YOU ROCK!” is one artwork of a series painted by the Swedish artist Jenny Lennhammar. Through her colourful way, Jenny wants to inspire empowerment and self-esteem. She wishes that the paintings can convey the message both through their colour, shape and words that can be found in each painting. “Be you, just you- YOU ROCK!” is a tribute to you, just as you were meant to be. You are unique and the world needs you, just you. Artist: Jenny Lennhammar

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