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Whispering the Light
Leni Acosta Knight

Whispering the Light



Whispering the Light
Mixed media (acrylic, colored pencil, graphite and watercolor) on Yupo
Artist Limited Edition Giclee available at sizes at sizes 40"x 60"or smaller down to 8"x 10".

Whispering the Light
He lifts his face up to the Sun’s mortal flame
and it whispers a pale light in his ear.

“Swim into this flower”, it says.

Squeezing this way and that way,
his body propels itself into its abstracted petals.
His skin becomes silky soft,
while the fragrance embraces his whole being.

He becomes Stamen, Pistil, Filament, Anther.
Hermaphrodite. Pseudohermaphrodite. Androgynous.
Morphing, dancing, breeding.

He is finally free

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