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Between rocks
Elisabeth López

Between rocks



Title: Between rocks
Year: 2016
Size: 46x61 cm
Technique: Oil canvas

In “Between rocks”, Elisabeth represents a sea landscape in which the viewer finds himself immersed in it, with his point of view inside a cave from which he glimpses the open sea. The rocks of the cave, against the light, appear dark compared to the sky and the sea, with soft and more reassuring colors, despite a darker cloud in the background covering part of the landscape; the contours of the rock are touched by the light of the clear sky in front of it, creating extremely defined geometries that seem to draw human faces as opposed to the softer and more suffused cloud outside. A boat in the distance leaves the mainland to enter the open sea, giving the painting a general sense of melancholy and nostalgia for something that never seems to come. Here then, in a succession of shapes and colors belonging to the natural world, the detachment between inside and outside seems to echo the coming into the world of the human being, catapulted from a dark environment to the more vivid one of external life, more colorful but certainly complex and often lonely.

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