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Bex Wilkinson




Title: Memorial

Year: 2022

Size: 60x48’’

Technique: Acrylic and Encaustic on Canvas

Description: is a reaction to Russia's supreme court decision to call "Memorial International''- a human rights watch group which was dismantled by the Russian Government. Putin has wanted to rewrite the history of Russia in a "better light." It is an homage to all the dicators who have continually created genocide and dissementated misinformation throughout history. It is their "Hell Realm" of endless karma that they create. From Amnesty International- a human rights watch and political activist group-

“The closure of International Memorial represents a direct assault on the rights to freedom of expression and association. The authorities’ use of the ‘foreign agents’ law to dissolve the organization is a blatant attack on civil society that seeks to blur the national memory of state repression. The decision to shut down International Memorial is a grave insult to victims of the Russian Gulag and must be immediately overturned.”

It is my opinion that it is the duty of the artist to hold up a light of truth when the population is being manipulated by religious zealots and power hungry politians. Right after I completed this piece, Putin invaded Ukraine.

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