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Bex Wilkinson

Bex Wilkinson



Bex Wilkinson’s formal art education began at The Art Institute of Chicago, continued at Pitzer College in California, and moved coasts to Sarah Lawrence College in New York where she received her BA. It was at Sarah Lawrence that she had access to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Museum of Modern Art, enabling her to study the artists' work she admired in person while sketching and drawing for hours.

As Bex grew into her creative identity her subject matter and medium choice began to take shape. Drawing inspiration from an idealization of Frida Khalo and the art coming out of the German Expressionist era, Wilkinson focused her subject matter on the undercurrents of society. Using large scale format and a mixed media application, Wilkinson creates vibrant art that is leading in regards to the viewers interpretation.

Post education, Bex dedicated herself to raising her children, working in film production and entrepreneurial endeavors. Following a major life event in 2016, Bex found herself returning to her life as a painter in order to work through the emotions and trauma that ensued. This embarkation led her to dedicating herself thoroughly to her creative expression resulting in the body of work exhibited today.

Currently, Bex shows in galleries around the globe and works from her studio in Sun Valley, Idaho.


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