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mARTina Hannon




“Nyx” 91.44 X 91.44 cm acrylic on canvas. Martina did intense research about the theme “ Gaea Origins” before starting to create the works. She thought a lot about the goddess Gaea and what she would think if she knew what is happening on our planet today? Martina is herself a daughter and mother of three children. She feels that she would have emotions like; disappointment (it isn’t a good feeling when your mother tells you she is disappointed in you her child’s choices in life) she will be sad but in the end a mother always has hope for her child. Symbolically, this emotion comes through each image in the all-knowing gaze of “Rhea” or the eye peaking from behind “Odessa’s” her vail or “Nyx” looking at the earth from the distance. She uses black as a dominant color and base underpainting purposefully to make a statement about the demise of society and the condition of the world, representing evil, darkness; but it also symbolizes certainty and authority. She used black and white in NYX to show the struggle between the good and evil. “Odessa” looks like she has a veil worn at a funeral… She uses bits of paper as collage the messages may give meaning to the observers as it draws them near to read them. Martina considers the people of Milan, the capitol of design. These people are known to be sophisticated and more serious than those Italians from other cities in Italy. In design, black is considered serious dramatic…creating a sense of certainty. When black is worn in clothing it creates a timelessness and is always appropriate. Black makes you focus on the person inside the clothing rather than the clothing itself. The goal was to bring a connection to the theme and symbolism and connect the works to the people of Milan viewing them. Artist: mARTina Hannon

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