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Conquistare L'Apatia
Alina Gane-Hurcomb

Conquistare L'Apatia



Title: Conquistare L'Apatia
Size: 76cm x 76cm
Technique: Acrylics on canvas

My contribution to NFT: New Forward Thinking is a nod to all that needs to happen to improve society in the here and now. My painting attempts to illustrate that we can be revolutionary from our own homes; as well as on a global scale. By ending the unnecessary suffering caused by wars, the cessation of the obliteration of the globe’s natural resources and putting the regeneration of the earth and humanity above the value of money or oil we will become the revolution we so desire. A shift in thinking with regard to what constitutes wealth and power, along with a fairer distribution of both, could go a long way toward curing us of our apathy as a species.

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