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Lena Silva




Title: LACHRYMOSE Description through poetry by Robert Longley – ‘Reflections in time’. Above there is reflection 
 Colourful and bright 
 Dancing in the sunlight 
 Shimmering at night 

 Just below the surface 
 Another world awaits 
 Holding onto mysteries 
 Until some future date 

 Our view will let us marvel 
 That these two coexist 
 And think on our experiences 
 And those we might have missed 

 The world is full of beauty 
 And also some surprise 
 Perhaps it is the future 
 Reflecting in our eyes Artwork on Langton Aquerelle paper, cold pressed by Daler & Rowney, 300 gsm, acid free. Mediums: Winsor & Newton Oil colours, Derwent soft pastels pencil and D’Artigny fixative. Dimensions: 35 cm x 26 cm (unframed) Year: 2021 Artist: Lena Silva

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