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The Sacrificial Flame
Maria Faltis

The Sacrificial Flame



Title: The Sacrificial Flame
Year: December 2021
Size: 39,2 x 76,6 x 3,6 cm
Technique: acrylics with metal pigments and liquid bronzes in rich gold on an ikea shelf board, about 2,3 kg in weight.

"There's a flame inside of me. Always burning, always creating, always suffering, but never destroyed, never silenced, filled with love. It has always been there, growing stronger. There are no sacrifices anymore to a life, that is not mine! Because I burn!"

The Sacrificial Flame is the answer to an outcry depicting the artists feelings about her own artistic persona and the hardships, that came with it so far. What had been surpressed and sacrificed for so long? What is the response to a world, that says "You won't make it!"? The Sacrificial Flame is the artist's flame. Transforming the artist into the ultimate sacrifice to the world.

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