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Maria Faltis

Maria Faltis



Maria is an outsider artist living on the German east coast of the Baltic Sea. She currently works as an early educator and holds a degree in Geology and Early Childhood Education. Maria never made art her priority as she was always very geeky about science. It took her almost 20 years to discover her love and talent for abstract painting. In 2016, during a time of a mental crisis, she created her unique painting style on a wooden table top as a form of self-therapy. To her it felt like a long awaited outburst of every feeling she ever felt, and she was in complete disbelief about her own artistic persona. Maria only paints intuitively and mainly without any concept of composition. During her artistic breakouts a painting can be finished within 30 minutes. Swiping through the wet paint with rubber brushes or simply a piece of cardboard gives her the feeling of doing calligraphy on the canvas. Her canvases are thrown away items like shelfboards, that she collects from trashpiles on the streets.
Her creativity is essentially driven by music. Maria perceives herself as an artistic vessel channeling powerful sound compositions and visuals by other artists, that inspire her deeply. In this way she wants to contribute to a connectedness between strangers in a world, that suffers a lot from loneliness and isolation lately. Her artworks take you far away into the metaphysical and spiritual realms of your own soul. She advises you to enjoy her creations with your "inner eye".
Maria feels a deep connection to buddhist traditions and eastern cultures, which influence her own perception of her art.
"I feel, that I paint with an old soul, that lived many lives before. It feels like being in a deep trance or meditation while painting. And in that very moment I am connected to everyone. It is a deeply spiritual experience I have no explanation for."
As of lately Maria experiments with transforming her acrylic originals into digitally edited projects like fractals and video productions.
Maria donates most of her artistic income to charities via her Non Profit Project "Trash with Purpose".


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