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Third Soulkey

Third Soulkey



Title: Third Soulkey
Date: June 7th 2021
Size: 100 x 80 cm / 39.3” x 31.4”
Media: Mixed media on canvas
Caption: It’s so amazing to see how someone come so far in his own style, the Soulkeys series are the most important ones for me as my first painting was one. Back in 2017 I made my first painting on canvas called (Soulkey Shivers) followed by (The Second Soulkey) in 2019. It is tradition in my art journey to create a new soulkey & compare it to the previous ones to see the progress in what I love doing the most, ART. I will not describe the feeling of having the three of them next to each other in front of me, but I will say that what an amazing journey it is. “Sprays, oils, Acrylics, markers, water colours & everything against the rules is there in a white primed piece of fabric to prove that self-teaching & practicing leads to mastering and mastering leads to rulesfree road”. -Vajja

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