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Crystal Nebula
Sara Burnard

Crystal Nebula



Crystal Nebula 24" x 24" ©2020 Sara Burnard Original mixed-media artwork and design, featuring handcrafted custom crystal fixtures made with Crystal Blue Aurora Borealis Swarovski®. The crystals hang freely on the outside of the flame polished acrylic glass. Crystal Nebula was inspired by the bright colors and the illusion of textures in nebulae found in space. After painting the nebula with metallic acrylics on the snakeskin embossed backdrop, I was delighted to see this piece literally change its skin with each hour of passing light. It appears to alternate like the warp and weft of damask. At times, the vertical rows of scales come to the fore and at other times the larger irregular diamond patterns are more prominent. As you walk past Crystal Nebula, the Swarovski® crystals twinkle opulently (see the GIF) and when hung on a wall with overhead halogen or LED lights, they sparkle magnificently. During the early morning or late afternoon light, the Swarovski® crystals appear to be opaque shades of gold. In stronger, brighter light conditions, the metallic aqua colors of the crystals dominate and create a stark satisfying contrast against the burgundy hues of the metallic painted backdrop. The crystals fixtures sit on the outside of the acrylic glass, appearing to float in space. Product Description: Metallic acrylic on snakes skin embossed polyvinyl mounted on birch panel. Clear 1/8"/0.31 cm flame polished acrylic glass. Custom Swarovski crystal clusters bolted through acrylic glass and birch panel. Custom painted panel edges in midnight black. Signed on the front. Engraved Solid Brass plate art label on the back. Artist's Certificate of Authenticity. Ready to hang: Fitted with vinyl-coated steel hanging wire and eye-screws. Hanging Weight: 9.2lbs / 4.17kgs Dimensions: 24"/60.93 cm high x 24"/60.93 cm wide x 2 ½"/6.35 cm deep box frame + 1/8"/0.31 cm acrylic glass Profile: 4 ½" / 11.43 cm from wall to outer edge of Swarovski® crystal fixtures Return Policy: Returns accepted upon notification within three (3) business days of delivery, thereafter all sales considered final. Refund granted upon return in original condition and original packaging/crating. Ready for shipment in 1 day. Shipped in foam cushioned wooden shipping crate, packaged in cardboard outer layer. Artist: Sara Burnard

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