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Unintended Consequences
Peter Anderson

Unintended Consequences



The images presented for this exhibition are part of a series of over 100 pieces called the Goldberg Variations. I have picked these 3 as I believe they speak to and relate to the concept of Gaia. To me, the simple concept of planet Earth being a living breathing organism – not just stone, water , air. The unifying theme – Leitmotif – is an image I created on a plexiglass plate (8”x10”) 5 years ago for a monoprint. I use this base image/plate and combine it (layer it on top of or beneath) various materials – discarded paper, pallets as well as finished paintings , prints or drawings. I call these pieces Digital Combines. My process for these Combines adheres to the following rules: Every image must use/include the base image – leitmotif. Every image must stand on its own as a discreet piece of art. Any material used as part of the Combine must have been produce by me , as part of creating another piece of art. I do not use found objects, photos etc as part of the process. The various components are assembled and arranged much like a classical “Still Life”. The final arrangement is then photographed. The Photographs are then manipulated on an iPad or computer – Cropping, changing of orientation , image sizing. No filters are used – the colors are kept as they were photographed and not enhanced. The final image is then printed on Fine Art Paper, Canvas, Acrylic, Wood or Metal, ranging in size from 8”x10” up to 48”x48”. The 3 Images for the Exhibit are each a Digital Combine as described above Through a Glass Darkly ( reference is Strindberg) Unintended Consequences Remembrance I have chosen these 3 because they share a base image I call Planet and Moon – in each there is an abstract landscape surface – the Earth – or Gaia. Each also has a second sphere floating above it – a reflection of the first. When I was choosing the pieces for the exhibition these three best represent a reflection or meditation on the state of our planet – or Gaia – today. They also provide a premonition of the future of the planet. The colors I used to me are all calming and pleasant – however each of the final Combines turned out to be an unsettling , tense image.. I hope that the viewer will perceive both that peacefulness in the color and the discomfort of the tension in composition. I hope that it will lead the viewer to reflect on all of our futures – both humans and Gaia. Artist: Peter Anderson

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