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encounters i
Marcelo Soria-Rodríguez

encounters i



Title: encounters i
Description: An exploration of the total space of possibilities defined by rings and their in-tersections. Originally inspired in the works of the Orphists (Sonia Delaunay, Robert De-launay and others), I created a generative paint system programming in Processing, where I declare the rules for the space and I let the machine explore different combinations. This collaboration yields pieces that feed back into the artist’s mind to refine the rules and see-ing how the combinations evolve. Part of an exploration related to the total cognitive space of systems, which I write more about in this article:

Format: unique generative digital artwork made with Processing, 3840 x 2160px PNG. Will be available as NFT on the Hicetnunc platform as a unique copy, if someone buys the art-work the NFT will be transferred to her/him to guarantee uniqueness of ownership.

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