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this fire in my heart
Laura Koller

this fire in my heart



Title: this fire in my heart
Year: 2021
Size: 70x100cm
Technique: acrylic on canvas

In October 2021 I started my new series. I have been living on a greek island for a few months. For me, it‘s getting involved with a new country, a different culture and mentali-ty, and also a completely different lifestyle. It is a tangible process - connected with all its ups and downs, which is taking place within me. I am allowed to grow inwardly, to put things and thoughts in order, to let go of the old and to receive and create the new. I work mainly with intensive colour moods and forms. I express what moves me deeply in-side. One layer overlays the other and yet sometimes the earlier one shines through. This is also how I feel about life. Sometimes things need time and patience to heal and through this something wonderful and new can arise again.

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