Meninas of the Emotions
Rosa Maria Piernas

Meninas of the Emotions



TITLE: Meninas of the Emotions
YEAR: 2021
SIZE: 70x50 cm

Collection “EmocionARTE”:
I’m, above all, an emotional being. Emotion means “in movement” and my whole life has been a roller coaster of experiences that I have tried to live putting the best of me in every moment.
I began to feel those inevitable emotions since I was little and I wanted to represent them with different Meninas. Each one represented an emotion & I represented it with a different background color.
Consist of 8 canvas frames represented in MENINAS.

Collection “ColoreARTE”:
Colors have been my way of trying to express in painting what I could not do with words: “Poems without words”, that’s the way I like to define my paintings.
Colors have magical powers on me. Color combinations that transform my perceptions into real life, awakening the emotions.
Colors have a strong emotional impact in our minds and so I intend to evoke different sensations that make each person live my painting in their own way and see on it pieces of their life.

Collection “AlineARTE”:

But life also has a linear path. Simple figures, suggestive lines, where I can see the world in a simple and unpretentious way, but in a creative and abstract sense.
This way makes us enter a space of our own, dynamic, free suggestions and without prejudice.
Lines that, when mixed in a world of light, freedom, colors and emotions make it the perfect complement to the previous collections.