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The Moon Shadows
Ilan Cohen

The Moon Shadows



The Moon Shadows Artwork description The Moon Shadows is a captivating film that combines the largest forces in nature, the moon and the sea, with an exploration of human emotion. The colours used in this film are vibrant and evocative, guiding the viewer to what to feel at each moment. The film uses English and French and this mix of two languages gives the film a universality. The moon is of course vital to this film and this is shown by the fact that despite the colour of the sky changing with different filters, the moon remains the same, consistent and powerful. Moments of the film are beautiful and touching. The poem says ‘ I am kissing you. It is beautiful ’ , a joyful moment. However, this is tinged with danger as we hear a sharp, high pitched sound. The tranquil shots of lakes are highly encapsulating and reflect the beauty of the love felt. Paint is used heavily throughout, reflecting both artifice and the sometimes transient and fragile nature of love. The Moon Shadows is an incredibly thought-provoking film showing both the beauty of love, as well as it ’ s danger.” ~ Zo ë Karl Poulson, screen & stage actress, London Artist: Ilan Cohen

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