éternel été
Alexandra Schartner

éternel été



Title: éternel été
Year: 2021
Size: 140 x 100cm, depth 4.5 cm
Technique: mixed media on wood, framed

The work "éternel été" from 2021 shows several cities at the same time, which are interwoven through their colour coding. The geography of time blurs our understanding of distance, the boundaries between metropolises dissolves. Cities whose distance used to be measured in kilometers seem to be only moments away. The cities consist of layers of time between here and now, the time lines cross them, the dimensions converge and create completely new spatial structures. The colours determine the shapes of the cities and thus also their structure, the urban fabric, i.e. the urban matter in which they move, the sounds that can be heard while looking at them and the atmosphere that can be grasped between the nuances of colour and the ambivalence of shades.