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Ethereal Transition
Lucrezia Giacometti

Ethereal Transition



Title: Ethereal Transition
Year: 2021
Size: 30x40cm
Technique: ink and alcohol on canvas

These works represent a path in which sometimes, uncontrolled situations gain the upper hand and influences the lives of some individuals. It is our society that puts, sometimes, these people in such circumstances, even influencing the strong ties that they have with other people, letting these ties deteriorating with the flow of time. Prejudices influences people’s daily life, causing a deep internal discomfort, generating an obscure world made of contrasting emotions often hidden behind external eyes. The impacting tracts and the colours delineating these shapes generate a transitory ethereal process that represents those sacrificed bonds, once full of strength. They have undergone a negative alteration due to determined circumstances, becoming a liberating act to reach a new dimension where equilibrium and inner peace are possible. The hybrids represented in these works have no identity, so that who observe these works could find themselves and communicate with the works.

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