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On the road of dreams
Ms. Miko

On the road of dreams



Title : On the road of dreams
Year of execution : 26-01-2021
Size : 81x54x4cm

What I wanted to represent in this painting is the many paths that can exist. In this painting the car does not follow the road mapped out for it, it does not make a decision about direction, it prefers to ascend and create its own path.
For this painting I used modeling clay as well as acrylic and UV paint for the background. For the relief elements I used several techniques such as cardboard, polystyrene or plastic. This painting has two different visions, the one in daytime and the one by night. Indeed I used UV paint to accentuate the nocturnal effect. The moon is treated in two different ways, one time at full volume and another time in crescent, the goal being to show its constant cycle.

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