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Kenopsia 2
Dylan Leddington

Kenopsia 2



Title: Kenopsia 2
Year: 2021
Size: 84x59 cm unframed
Technique: Colour pencil on paper in ash and glass frame

Kenospia. No.2 is an interior drawing of a dilapidated room inhabited only by a rusting free-standing bath and chair far past any functionality, pencilled in colour on pale red coloured paper. The relationship between the material and subject matter of this piece is a soft representation of a somewhat sinister scene. Taking inspiration from the bathtub scene in Stephan King’s The Shinning I want create a room that longs to serve its main purpose again, but is thwarted by the situation that it is currently in. A key area of this drawing is the shapes that make up the texture of the walls and bathtub, I have chosen to render these areas in non-descript patterns to allow for more individual interpretation from the viewer.

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