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The mirror of the soul
Catharina Johansson Söderström

The mirror of the soul



Title: The mirror of the soul
Year: 2021
Size: 50x61 cm
Technique: Acrylic on linen canvas

I am curious about the way she looks at me. Friendly, without judging. Seems to be openminded. A person that is easy to trust. The interpersonal distance between us is neither too far away, nor too close. A rather convenient way of being in relation to others.
After less than a minute I feel pretty sure that I have got a correct picture of her. Just by looking at her eyes. But - what exactly makes me feel that comfortable? Is it really rational? I mean, probably my brain makes judgements so fast that I am not aware of them.
If it turns out that she is not trustworthy I will become disappointed. Of course.
I have to live with that risk. That is what it means to live.

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