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Catharina Johansson Söderström

Catharina Johansson Söderström



Catharina is self-taught and paints in acrylic, both abstract and figurative motifs.
She prefers to paint intuitively and is fond of following colors, tools and shapes to see where the creation leads her.
Catharina prefer to work with sponges and rollers. Her paintings are characterized by col-ors and color combinations - she hopes to make a difference for people by lighting up and spreading joy in everyday life :)

In November 2021, it was time for the first solo exhibition in forty years for Catharina! It was at Galleri Grip in Stockholm and went under the name "On a journey of discovery".
Since then, Catharina has had two more solo exhibitions at Zinken Art on Hornsgatan, Stockholm: "A colorful palette" and "Life elixir". Catharina has also been represented at a christmas and a spring exhibition at Galleri Grip during this period.

Catharina Johansson Söderström grew up with a father who painted in oil in his spare time which aroused her interest. Already as a seven-year-old, Catharina painted her first oil painting.
During adolescence, Catharina took every opportunity to paint, draw and work with ce-ramics: during periods of internship, optional lessons at school etc. Catharina had her first two exhibitions as a 19-year-old.
Catharina was accepted to a School of Art and Environment and the vocational orientation seemed given. But for various reasons she came to choose a completely different path: economics and audit.
The forty years that followed devoted Catharina to studies in economics and to work at a big auditing firm within an international network as a certified public accountant and part-ner. It was a period when art was given a very limited space.

A few years ago, Catharina decided to make a change in her professional life and she left the audit firm: “It was very fun, developing and meaningful to work close to companies and entrepreneurs. But deep down, I have always felt in my right element when I painted or drew.”, says Catharina.

The step from audit to painting may seem big, but she succeeded to find her way back to the colors. Some inspiring painting courses in recent years have revived the creative de-sire. It bloomed in full bloom in 2021 and has continued strongly since then.


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