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Luisa María Lasso Palacios




Title: Mopa-Mopa
Year: 2022
Technique: Performance

Description: Mopa-Mopa is a performance created by me in honor to Barniz de Pasto (Pasto Varnish) declared Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding by UNESCO, also to the craftspeople who work with it, highlighting the masterpiece performed by Muñoz Lora who is a great craftsman and Artist from Nariño that works using this valuable and unique technique in the world.
This performance combines body action, dance, music, painting, among others.
This video is a small sample of the whole performance, which lasts approximately 20 minutes.
For the creation of this art piece, I invited the dancer Elena, the musician Omar Coral, from “Raíces Andinas” musical group, and Francisco Mera member of “Ronda Lírica” musical group, these are two musical groups with a long musical history and these artists are very important for the south of the country. (I am not sure if this information is necessary for this occasion)

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