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Desejo confinado
Roberta Gomes Miranda

Desejo confinado



Title: Desejo confinado
Year: 2021
Size: 33x46cm
Technique: Acrylic on canvas

It is a composition that calls me a lot and it took 15 days for me to express myself and print all my feelings. The creative process really touched me, because the need I was feeling to be in touch with nature, to imagine the earth under my feet. I have never gone so long without having this connection. Something that the pandemic took away from all of us a little of what we like. So I put all my feeling and desire confined in this canvas, where the viewer can see or feel that desire to be there mixed with this wonderful environment that is nature. Painting for me is building, poetically with paint. Painting makes me infinite. I can do and be anything I want. Anything I feel. As an artist I usually portray the poetry inside me and experiences of my emotional field and the relationship with the world.

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