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A trip to rainbow
Mashal Batra

A trip to rainbow



Title: A trip to rainbow
Year: 2020
Size: Size A1 ~(59x84 cm) (23x33 inches)
Size A2 ~(42x59cm) (16x23 inches)
Size A3 ~(30x42cm) (11x16 inches)
Size A4 ~(21x30cm) (8x12 inches)
Technique: Acrylics, pastels and ink on fine art paper
The inspiration for this painting comes from a trip to botanic garden. When I see a beautiful rainbow in the sky there is a sudden rush of happiness as if I have witnessed the most beautiful and rare thing. As if it’s an invitation to fly high and see its beauty from up close.
My eyes want to witness that beauty over and over again.
But… I can’t fly high to see those beautiful colours up close and I can’t see the rainbow over and over again. What I can do though is go to a botanic garden to see my rainbow…happy bunch of colours singing together!

The painting encourages viewers to step out and be in the nature. See if you feel the same way as if you have witnessed a rainbow.

For the artist, having a trip to botanic garden is like flying high and having to trip to rainbow.

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