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Mashal Batra

Mashal Batra



“Everything in the universe is working out for you” – This sentence changed my life.
When I truly started trusting the universe, it connected me to a creative side which I had never explored before.
I am an accountant by profession. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that the fingers that only used calculator would pick up a paint brush one day. A mind that only crunched numbers would see colors everywhere.
How it all began..? It all began by connecting with nature. It began by staring blankly at flowers. It began by slowing my brain waves down. And it began by drawing a mandala.
I was just drawing a mandala one day and enjoying the sweetness of life and, bang, something happened! Creativity started flowing through me. I started drawing random and abstract patterns which I could not comprehend where these were coming from. I loved what was happening in that moment. It was beautiful. It was serene.
I decided to go to an art shop next day and buy some colors, took a day off from work just to create the whole day. That day it felt like I was being connected with the true purpose of my soul. That moment I realized that the journey has begun…
When I am in my meditative and surrender-zone, I see colors and patterns everywhere. I feel like the universe is trying to connect with me as much I am trying to connect with it. I am so grateful for this incredible feeling.
Art for me is inner exploration. Art is a key to touch a realm beyond physical existence. Art is an opportunity to sync with the cosmos. It teaches me to see the light, the darkness, and the shadows (a place between the light and darkness). Sometimes I wonder if all the mysteries lie in the shadows…
My art practice is all about giving control to the unknown and not interfering with it. The moment I start thinking I must make a painting look good I lose the game. When I paint, I shed a personality that must fit in a certain mold. This realization is immensely powerful. This is when the subconscious takes charge and I become a mere observer.
Through art I explore the subconscious and subtle energy that is always present, but we only feel it when we truly let go of any control.
For an accountant, whole life is around getting somewhere. For the artist, there is nowhere to go. An artist is a free soul…and art is the key towards freedom. With this thought, I wish for you to see deep within yourself when looking at my paintings. Explore the dualities within. Allow yourself to choose where your thoughts wander to. With these abstract brush strokes, go on a journey into mind vs soul and allow yourself to tap into your own subconscious.


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