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Pleiades 2
Nikolas Fotiadis

Pleiades 2



Title: Pleiades 2
Year: 2020
Size: 2,10 x 1,50
Technique: Acrylics inks and acrylics on handmaid's papers 300g/m


Pleiades.... Nothing belongs to me. The rhythm in a piece of art is as important as the space, the structure, the image.The stimulus is the flow in movement. From the rhythm and the movement of the body having the company of a brush as a guide, the color is spread on the white paper surface and depicts the icon of a female figure.It is l known as : The Pleiades: series from the constellation of Pleiades.When we get in touch with the element of water our body and everything that surrounds us is formed by four elements: earth, water, wind and fire. Our body and soul are defined by the water. The pieces of art are united with the element of water and together they continuity, towards the development of the traveling until the sky, the earth, the water and the fire are united. Everything flows...

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