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They say I’m a dreamer
Sirpa Heponiemi

They say I’m a dreamer



Title: They say I’m a dreamer

Year: 2021

Size: 46x55x2cm

Technique: Layered acrylic painting on stretched canvas on pine frame, sketched with charcoal.
Includes scattered texture from the charcoal and acrylic paint to embody the imperfections. The art-work is not framed.

This artwork tells a story to love yourself the way you are. Everyone is perfect with their imperfec-tions. This artwork includes scattered textures that embodies the imperfections. We live in a world full of expectations how we should live, look, work, or think. This artwork tells you to be you, embrace your flaws and to think of them as strength, not weakness.

Poem related:

Soothing beauty,
perfectly imperfect.
Colourful enchantment,
adorable flaws.

Mother of peace,
glides slowly in the calm water.
Under the moonlight,
touching your heart.

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