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Melting Pot
Niko aka Dionyss

Melting Pot



Title: Melting Pot
Year: 2021
Technique: Artificial Intelligence Animation

Melting Pot, contrary to what the title suggests, is meant to be a hopeful sign regarding the coexistence of people. The title is used, among other things, in a poem by Dudley Randall, which criticises the coexistence of people in cities, as it was happening in America at the time of the poem. And there is still injustice and conflicts to this day. I don't want to give up the idea that it is possible to live together peacefully. Regardless of all the factors that separate people from each other. For the animation, I was very inspired by images that show people standing up for this idea of justice and peace. From this I then made this animation, which was meant to give the impression of melting to symbolise peaceful unity.

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