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Jennifer Awad

Jennifer Awad



Born in the Middle East and later moved to Canada in 1986, Jennifer Awad, began her artistic journey from a very young age, surrounded by three major creative influences.
From family members in various creative professions in art, business, and human rights advocacy; from world travels, offering early exposure to the beauty and struggles of cultural diversity, and from a unique art- based education that laid the foundation for her creative development, artistic voice, and identity.
These influences have been an immense source of inspiration for Jennifer as she started to develop her action-focused artwork, responding to observations of joys and hardships of the human condition.
While practicing with various mediums and artistic styles, Jennifer found a special connection to the vast interpretational world of abstract art. Creating one-of-a-kind compositions trademark of her contemporary abstract style, Jennifer focuses on best capturing the story, mission, or special moments described by her clients, transforming them into beautiful unique pieces of art that will echo their story as long as the artwork exists.
This process launched her artistic career in 2005 and developed into a passion that began the first of many opportunities to advocate through art by painting for and collaborating with various human rights and non-profit organizations, grassroots movement initiatives, community outreach programs, and educational platforms.
These partnerships continue to open doors for Jennifer to speak at art talks, paint live at public and private events, participate in community projects, run workshops, and display her artwork in individual and group exhibitions across Canada, the United States, and Europe.


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