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The Success Story
Rooma Eejaz

The Success Story



Title: The Success Story
Year Completed: 2023
Size: 80cm x 120cm
Technical: Acrylics and Gold Leaf on Canvas

This painting is about what are the important things that leads to success. First thing first is the sense of dressing. The girl is wearing a very smart attire, reflecting professionalism. The bag, she is carrying clearly indicates the hard work and dedication that goes into her work. The zebra, of course is the boss. You must be well-coordinated with the boss and show compliance and keep the boss happy. The telephone means good communication skills and the lady with the phone is an efficient secretary. A good secretary is necessary to be successful. The aeroplane shows that travel is a must in all kinds of jobs. The dollar bills reflect the richness which is the outcome of success.

Critical text by Senior Art Curator Mara Cipriano

"The Success Story" by Rooma Eejaz is an exquisite piece of art that captures the essence of key components associated with success. With impeccable technique combining acrylics and gold leaf on canvas, the artist conveys a powerful message through a blend of symbolism and surrealism. The scene is dominated by three figures: a elegantly dressed female figure symbolizing professionalism, carrying a bag that highlights the hard work and dedication required for success. The presence of a zebra, representing a leader, adds a touch of surrealism, emphasizing the importance of coordination and maintaining a good relationship with leadership. Elements such as the phone and the efficient secretary highlight communication skills as fundamental on the path to success. Additional symbolic elements include the airplane suggesting openness to the world as a key to success, while the presence of dollars reflects wealth as the ultimate outcome of success, completing the narrative circle. The surreal and dreamlike style of the artwork is accentuated by the golden background, adding validity and meaning to the message. The artist, Rooma Eejaz, emerges as an extraordinary figure with a multicultural background and a deep connection to social issues. Her personal story, including the challenge of a stroke, adds an inspirational layer to her work, highlighting inner strength and dedication to her artistic passion. Her own life represents a success story. "The Success Story" is not just visually captivating but also an exploration of profound and meaningful components contributing to success. The combination of symbolism, style, and narrative makes this artwork extraordinary, deserving attention and admiration from the audience.

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