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Catch & Release (Capsule collection)
Madeleine Carlson

Catch & Release (Capsule collection)



Title: Catch & Release (Capsule collection) Artline created year 2021 Material: Acrylic, pumice coarse medium, texture medium, string gel, gauze weave Composed of 5 paintings: Embrace - Touch – Feels – Choice - Comfortable (from left to right) Size: 10x50 cm (each painting) This capsule collection inspirer the viewer to create their own order. It’s a playful and colorful collection of love. In our deepest love we can struggle, struggle between what’s our expectations of love and to live up to those our loved ones have. Our love is a wire, it can be tangled, alone, together or in a pattern. How long is our wire and how far does it go. Each painting stands strong alone but stronger together. What’s your favorite combination and what do you feel? Artist: Madeleine Carlson

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