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Cosmopolis Nocturne
David Gomez

Cosmopolis Nocturne



Cosmopolis Nocturne , 2021, 24x30 inches, acrylic on canvas. Abstract-symbolism composition. I incorporate a mix of techniques. I start with an acrylic gauche, to create the initial balance of colors of the composition. Then I incorporate graffiti-like symbols and markings that I draw spontaneously. The symbols are applied related to a grand theme, usually to do with the title of the work. In the case of Cosmopolis Nocturne I was looking to have patterns and symbols that were based on road signs, city lights as well as cityscapes. To me, this work is a view of a city in the eyes of a young individual. There is always the potential of love, relationship, the dread of harm and the unknown. That is why the bright colors work and dance against the impending darkness at the top. Artist: David Gomez

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