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L. Rae

L. Rae



Painting for me was like the cracking of an egg. An emergence from a well-preserved chrysalis longing to be unearthed. I was a shy little black girl with severe social anxiety and a huge imagination! I was the loner who sat under Oak trees and played with shards of grass; or got mean looks by my peers because I loved taking pictures and writing Essays in English class.
That extra-ordinary gift of empathy and curiosity echoed into my mid-thirties. Leading me on a path to becoming a Certified Intuitive Counselor before finally deciding to give back to ME.
Like a shot in the arm! ART allowed me to express myself in ways I didn't think possible. Tapping entirely into my Creative Self; as well as intuitive instincts that laid the foundation to some of my most inspiring pieces to date!
I see myself not only as a self-taught artist but as a seer of sorts. Utilizing my gifts as an empath and channel to allow whatever wants to come through, to come through onto the canvas.
I don't plan out my works - which is what makes this “profession” so much fun!
I am constantly evolving and surprising myself.
There is never a dull moment.


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