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Between the Sheets
Emily Joseph

Between the Sheets



Title: Between the Sheets
Year: 2023
Size: 48x36 inches - 121,9x91,4 cm
Technique: Acrylic / Mixed Media on canvas

Painting can be tedious and exhausting when searching and executing your thoughts, ideas, and emotions. Sometimes an intimate encounter can breathe life into you and colors appear in groups proclaiming a unique liberation. The moment of intimacy with one, can breathe into your soul a stillness that opens to clarity. Eyes wide open. The use of color indicates movement, the fine lines reflect past scars. The emerging white over dark lifts the soul. The bright colors emphasize the individual sensations one might feel, even if it is just peace and lying still.

Emily Jospeh has done all this with her painting. The abstract painting in the exhibition seems to reflect a kind of soul-searching on the part of the artist, manifested through her use of color and construction of forms. They seem to dance on the canvas, creating a dynamic movement that invites the viewer to engage with the artistic experience. The artist creates a chromatic harmony that invites prolonged observation. The more intense and vibrant tones, such as pink and green, seem to communicate strength and vitality, while the darker and deeper tones, such as blue and purple, evoke a sense of mystery and depth. A work of great aesthetic and symbolic value, reflecting Joseph's inner quest and her desire to communicate universal emotions through the art form, wether it’s made from us or its enjoyed by us, art will always make the difference.

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