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Line Segment Series_Silence (BDO)_1
Jasper Wang

Line Segment Series_Silence (BDO)_1



Title: Line Segment Series_Silence (BDO)_1
Year: 2022
Technique: JavaScript

Line Segment Series is a series of study using line segments to interpret objects, gravities and physical laws. A Big Dumb Object (BDO) is intriguing, like a black hole that drain all our curiosities inside. It’s big but simple, dumb but stay in our focus all the time, and its objective existence is unstoppable, seemingly beyond any space and time. We perceive a BDO as a disturbing UFO in “Arrival (2016)”, but the Jupiter, the marble gas dumb giant over our head, seems never disturbing us. In this project, I’m trying to moving the lens to the astrophysical world, where massive things happen silently. In this version of Silence (BDO)_1, two planets are shaped by random connecting line segment, and beams through an in-between single point are created for a balanced connection between the two planets. With the progression of code running, planets start to show themselves with lights casted from the singularity spot, the connection / gravity becomes stronger and stronger and the singularity spot reads heavier and heavier.

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