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Alan Lacke




Title: Insta
Size: 160x140 cm
Technique: Acrylic on canvas
year: 2018

It is a work that refers to the social network Instagram. Where there is a far-reaching international culture encounter with the visual arts through its platform. With colored washes I represent multiple geometric shapes that make up an abstract and complex image on the canvas. It is
a symbiosis or mixture of various conceptions of art: mainly abstraction, synetism, symbolism, surrealism and realism. The well-used restlessness of the resources of the Graph is perceived developing harmonies of lines, colors and forms, with the not far-fetched intention of making these basic relationships of forms and spaces protagonists, provoking a speculative idea regarding the landscape, the objects and the senses of spatial relationships, where the geometric linear layout prevails, thus finding a permanent relationship between the technological, the urban and the physical

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