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Arianna Painter

Arianna Painter



Arianna Painter was born in Florence, Italy, breathing from an early
age the artistic spirit of her town and this is probably the reason why
she has always had a creative approach to life and art in particular,
with the growing curiosity to learn new techniques and to
experiment with new colors and media.
Arianna prefers to devote herself to the lightness and impalpability
of watercolor to express the randomness of life in all its different
shapes, akin to the shadows created on the water by a ray of sun or
by the sudden movement of a bird wing.
Her creativity also encompasses the writing of poems to evoke
moods and images to be painted, and stories to be illustrated with
both traditional and digital techniques.
Among her activities is the occasional teaching of art in her art
center according to the Martenot Method, of which she has been a
Professor since 2009. In the past years she took part in several
group exhibitions in Italy and recently in the exhibition “Ombre(s)
and lumière(s)” held in Paris in December 2021-February 2021
organized by the association Martenot Arts Plastiques.
In her future she is expected to continue learning and
experimenting in order to always evoke new emotions in the


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