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Erica Pecar

Erica Pecar



I'm Erica and I'm twenty years old. If I had to define myself, I would define myself as an artist-mystic and investigator of invisible energy. My art is not a simple art of expression of feelings, beauty, technique, etc., but it is a real research and investigation of the symbolic and enigmatic signals of creation. My works are simply universal energy materializing, trying to communicate something very profound and trying to transform itself into a kind of enlightened art. This is the reason I create at night, in the dark and I often go to the woods near my house in the total silence of the night, where I can close my eyes and simply receive that subtle energy that comes from all over the universe. Even as a child I was a great lover of art and knowledge. The thing I most admired about artists was the inexplicable, the mystery, the uniqueness, the psychology and philosophy that hid behind their creations and their ways of being. I love the invisible of art and life. As soon as I started painting seriously a few months ago, I felt an energy that I couldn't control anymore. So now I find myself creating, participating in more and more international exhibitions and self-taught studying art. In addition to this, my extreme curiosity leads me to study many fields of human knowledge especially in an esoteric way and I am discovering very different concepts of quantum physics, the world of spirituality and our connection with the universe and creation, the detachment from ego, from duality and matter and the elevation towards our essence, soul and universal energy. I don't just love to connect many branches, such as for example art, esotericism, philosophy, mathematics and sacred geometry, arrhythmosophy, psychology, symbology, numerology, religions, mythology, different branches of science, history etc., but I also like turning letters into numbers, numbers into letters, sentences into mathematical calculations etc. and then create many types of anagrams, puzzles and codes that I invent and which all have their own logic. I believe that to truly understand my art you need to learn a rule, which I think is also very valid in life itself, namely the fact that many times we are given signals and to understand it better we must not look at what we see directly, but we must try to perceive and hear what the artwork is telling us and indicating through hidden messages that she herself gives us, but that only by evolving we can understand them better, only by elevating ourselves spiritually and connecting with the energy of the universe can we understand the invisible and perhaps the fundamental of life. Exactly the same thing happens in my paintings. In fact, one cannot understand them well simply by observing them with the eyes, but one must use an organ, which is called the brain, and make it work, so that it tries to understand all the enigmas hidden in my representations. I admit the hardest part of the paintings are perhaps the secret codes and anagrams I create. But there is a message behind the fact that I don't reveal everything, a very important thing that I have learned in life and that is very difficult to accept, but it is fundamental. However, I always leave the possibility of trying to discover my messages hidden in the puzzles. Maybe you will discover them or they will simply remain invisible and unattainable energy, who knows… I'm not a person to settle down and most of all I'm hungry like a wolf for wisdom and knowledge, I'm hungry for life itself and I won't let anyone tell me to stop trying to create something new and unique. Of course it will be very difficult, but it is exactly when the going gets tough that the tough start to fight and I don't think they give up easily.


2023 – (January) Exhibition “DE-CRYPTICart”, Mads Art Gallery

2022 – (September) Exhibition “Artists on the march", group in Rive d'Arcano (FVG)

2022 – (November) - Exhibition "1st international art collective", Vittoria, Sicily

2022 – (November) Exhibition "Words are not needed - the indelible emotions in the music of Ennio Morricone" (in memory of Morricone), Rome, Lazio

2022 – (November) Exhibition "Aquars2" - Milan, Lombardy

2023 – (January) Exhibition "Artist of the year in Brussels" – Brussels, Belgium

2023 – (January) Exhibition "City of Terni G.L.G Byron Award" – Terni, Umbria


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