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Maja Petrović

Maja Petrović



In the last few years, Maja has been drawn to her first love – painting. Deemed an
extraordinary talent in her early youth, she put painting on hold so to devote herself to
psychology. Today, and having realized herself in the field of psychology, Maja is deeply
involved in her artistic endeavor, aptly titled “Magic Place”.
This turn and development in Maja’s career initiated from her inclination towards interior
design, in her own work space. Interested in developing unique solutions for wall
decorations, Maja filled her premises with her own, new art. People she worked and
interacted with were impressed with the atmosphere of positivity, energy and beauty her
art brought to the space. Their comments and commendations nudged Maja into
developing solutions for other establishments, both small and luxury, high class
establishments. This, in turn, led to huge interest and to this date Maja has sold over 60
paintings in two years. She has published a catalogue with the first series of paintings, with
new art to be introduced shortly.
The reaction of critics and the public has been impressive, and although a newcomer on the
art scene the expectancy is that Maja has great potential that will expand and be realized in
the next decade.
Maja’s paintings are inspired by the ever changing world we live in and in creating her
artwork she combines both of her passions – art and psychology. Her experience in human
psychology and perception of the world and behavior patterns, bring a unique vision and
expression to her paintings.
1. “Art 3f International Art Fair”, August 2020, Monaco
2. “Collective Art Show”, September 2020, Madrid, Spain
3. “Contemporary Art Ruhr”, October 2020, Essen, Germany
4. “Afordable Stockholm”, October 2021, Stockholm, Sweden
5. “Aires Del Norte”, December 2021, Madrid , Spain
Solo exhibitions:
“Magic Place”, August 2021, Portonovi, Montenegro

Next exhibition:
Moscow, February and March 2022


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