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Digital Artist


Digital Artist


A digital artist living in Tokyo, Japan who is active both in Japan and overseas.

While caring for my mother with dementia at home, l started self-taught art produced in a lonely life due to the coronavirus crisis.
By facing my inner self, l feel positive and accept my mother. Also when I saw my moth-er’s gentle expression regained after looking at art, l was convinced of the power of art and got inspired to create art.
Motifs include flowers, the sun, trees, the universe, and the wind. Inspiration and emo-tions from nature are drawn as heart patterns in beautiful colors in a unique digital art style.
Hoping that my works will bring healing, energy, and happiness to people all over the world, l pursue diverse beauty.

Mads Art Gallery, First Wish Art Gallery, Artie Gallery, TimesSquareScreen, NY, Dubai, Ita-ly, Spain and Georgia.
A world tour of 10 countries is planned.
Published in World Art Guide, 365Art.

2024 World Tour 10 countries planned
2023.8 First Wish Art Gallery Italy Exhibition
2023.8 NY.Times Square Screen Exhibition
2023.8.Mads Art Gallery CAOS
2023.8 Alive now Exhibition
2023 7 Telavi History Museum Exhibition in Georgia
2023.7 FWAG Dubai Exhibition
2023.5 FWAG Tokyo International group art exhibition
2023.3 Solo exhibition in the Department of Takashimaya.
2023.1 German wine label adopted
2022.1 World Heritage Casa Mila Exhibition
2022.11 Selected for the new Structure Exhibition of the National Art Museum in Tokyo
2022.10 Received the Encouragement Award at the New Structure Kanagawa Exhibition
2022.8 XANALIA NFT ART AWARDS nominated in Japan
2022. 7 Ginza Art Stone Gallery Exhibition
2022.3 2021 .11 Mads Art Gallery International Contemporary Exhibition

Member of Minato Artists Association
Elite Member of First Wish Art Gallery


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