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Charming Ranunculus for My Sister
Larisa Sved

Charming Ranunculus for My Sister



Charming Ranunculus for My Sister
December 2019
[Acrylic on canvas. H36”/91cm. W24”61cm. D1.5”/4cm]
For Display Only.

The Ranunculus flower symbolizes charm and attractiveness. A bouquet of ranunculus says, "I am dazzled by your charms." The name ranunculus stems from the Latin “rana” meaning frog, and “unculus” meaning little. If you imagine these blooms growing abundantly along streams like little frogs in the spring, the name seems quite fitting. They are also often called buttercups. Ranunculus flowers belong to a genus in the Ranunculaceae family. There are about 600 of them including Buttercups, Anemones, Clematis, Delphiniums, Nigella, Lesser Celandine and Helebores.

Inspiration - photo by the local photo-artist Lana Gilyun

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