Michael Griesbeck

Michael Griesbeck



Michael Griesbeck was born in Munich in 1970, lives in Munich and in Murnau, in the heart of the Blue Land.
While on the one hand, his education and training took place in Munich the world-famous town in Bavaria, he spent every spare minute since he was 3 years old, in Murnau, his second home in the heart of the „Blue Land“.
These two completely different worlds he has been living in for decades, influence and shape his way of painting and the intentions of his works.

“I am particularly interested in experimental and complex material works, where it is curiosity that drives and leads me to the search for completely new ways and interpretations.
My mostly informal works often show the combination of natural processes with technical, deterministic color and design possibilities.“

“I usually understand my pictures as a kind of symbiosis and transformation in which I associate natural elements as well as processes, the results of which are harder to influence, with stylistic elements from the hectic, straightforward city life in order to create a characteristic, recognizable handwriting.”

Thus, for example, become dried, cracked colours “The Broken Colours“, spaghetti embedded in putty is transformed into “The Noodles“….

Another series shows the simulation of rusted construction steel mesh. Ropes stretched on canvas, plastered and „rusted“ to reflect on the field of construction technology and the madness and price explosion of the local real estate market. The aim of my work is also to create a completely individual, exciting structure, with an interesting texture. All this led to the series – “under construction“. „

The latest series, is named “shoetime”, painting with a high heel, as a further result of the actionpainting of the under construction and an interpretation of missing quality of life, a transformation, of lost emotions due to CORONA.

Michael Griesbeck has been developing his creative approach to painting since 2005 as an autodidact.