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Secret (hiding) Place
Logan Schneiderman

Secret (hiding) Place



Title: Secret (hiding) Place,
Year: 2021
Size: 41x51 cm
Technique: acrylic and mixed media on 100% cotton matboard paper

Description: We all have those secret places we go. When we are sad, angry, in trouble, or just want to be alone to think; to get away or play.
In my house growing up, my sister and I had these small storage rooms in the back of a few clos-ets that we used as playrooms. They even had a small door and fancy door handle. No one other than my family knew they were there. Sometimes we would use one of the larger ones and play together, but a lot of the time I remember sitting in mine (which was painted bright pink) and go off into my imaginary lands. This painting is about my secret hiding places.
Although the small playroom was one example, as I got older the hiding places changed- from the basement piano, to sitting in the car, or even a favorite forest area in a nearby park. I hoped
to remind the viewer of their little self- asking them where did they go? Where did they go to hold their secrets… and where do they go now?

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